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}} Wo-hoo
from Alek
Heeeey Lieblings!! New day, new updayte, ahah sorry for the wisecrack... but I’m so happy
I mean, I’m so happy right now, I’m such an happy person, I mean, ahah, I finally ended up the first exam session of the year with two 30/30, eheh

Next one is around the corner - in July I’m gonna have 6 exams.... oh god, but you know! I like to live the moment...

Let’s talk about the pretty massive update. Today I want you to see these pretty textures I personally made yesterday/the day after it. I find the Glass Effect ones and the Embossed Textures quite interesting, they worth a lot of work, ahahah; I made on my own, starting with the pic of a Sea the 2 Wood Effect Textures, so, nothing else to say, I suppose!

Hope you liked them, leave a message in the Cbox on the left or a comment below to say what do you think about these, xoxo Alek!

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Want to restrict several different areas at once.
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It is actually the ideal obstacle determining 15 to 150 inches broad that ends 8.5 feet and also is actually 16 ins high.

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Customers have used our enclosures and fencing for a range of animals and functions such as cat and chicken runs or goat and alpaca enclosures.

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Both of them performs their job really well.
Gate swings in one or even each instructions creating this hassle-free for high-traffic places.

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Sustain the remarkable job !! Lovin' it!

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We offer special prices on quality child safety gates which will meet your needs and keep your pocket light at the same time.

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Baby gates must be at least 22 inches, and the distance between floor and gate should be 3 inches.
Thanks so much for posting!

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When you need to transport this playard from one place to the other, simply fold it into a compact size for easy portability.

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I highly recommend Components positioned gates within this occasion. Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock" Baby Gate being a really good one.

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Many essential baby items come in affordable three or six-pack packages, and going for such offers significantly cuts down costs.

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Note a maximum of three extensions 1, 2, 5 and 11- bar extensions expand your standard North States Auto Close gate up to 126_.

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Then check for the following features before you buy: (Again, since we're not talking about a danger-crazed 2-year-old here.

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3. Rabbit Meadows, aka the Best Little Rabbit & Rodent House - Seattle.

Do you have a stair railing with round bars?

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As I mentioned above, The Stair Barrier is offered in a variety of fabric choices, including the popular chevron design.

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Carpeted stairs are more forgiving, but wooden stairs can be fairly treacherous, especially for babies wearing socks.

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For a while I loved this play yard, because it gave baby so much room and it's easy to set up, fold and move.

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Having a set of _work clothes' means kids can get muddy and paint-smeared without worry.
There's lots of girls out there who do.

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Answer: The John Sterling 1120 series fixed window guards are New York City Approved window bars for non sleeping areas.

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Also, make sure it is easy to open (one hand operation) so that YOU won't be tempted to step over it possibly injuring yourself!

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We knew we wanted a third child, and it was actually our tax advisor who mentioned the daycare profession, pointing out the tax benefits.

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Baby Dan is the only manufacturer to produce True Pressure Fit Safety Gates under the new standard.
Little Bit of Paint: DIY Baby/doggy Gate.

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An elegant wooden design gate swings in, out or both ways with swing control hinge.
It is also home to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

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An indoor dog gate makes it easy to keep different animals apart, allowing them to safely get acclimated to each other's presence.

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The latch is easy enough for my 6 y/ to use, but not the 4 and 2 year olds, so it certainly services its purpose.

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Thanks, to the individuals at Retract-a-gate! You might after that stain the design or repaint to match the settings.

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As easy as it is to install, it's even easier to take down thanks to its pressure-mounted system.

Adjust as necessary.

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How this would work is the handle rod of one gate would connect to the rod of the reel section on the next gate (see slideshow below).

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Like that it is adjustable and that it is mounted to the wall instead of held by pressure as with most child gates that our 2yr old has busted through.

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Maintain the incredible work !! Lovin' it!

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Extremely educational looking frontward to coming back.

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The 32_ tall Position & Lock Tall gate that fits openings from 31-50_ helps parents keep their children safe from common household dangers.

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On the Center Gateway (Models G15 and G35), the Y Spindle can be used on either side of the gate.


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How about moving the dog's food upstairs and just allowing the cat to come and go through the very small pet door to eat/potty?

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Happens typical along with 2 expansions (a 2-in as well as a 3-in) for extra-wide positions.
There are several different styles and designs of pet gates to choose from.

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This is actually an optimal possibility for moms and dads seeking one thing attractive that fits in well with their house design.

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You do not have to be a specialist in installing baby gates by any means to mount one of these Dreambaby Banister Gate Adaptors.

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I never gave too much thought to the staircase at home, but after reading this, you have thrown some new light into it :-)

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